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Well, I have not only fallen off the ‘words per day’ wagon, I gave it a nice push along and watched it careen off the road and smash into a cliff.
I’m not sure why. I’m pretty sure I don’t have a credible reason, I don’t really even have any good excuses at the ready. I just haven’t written. Full stop.
I have had some great, useful, constructive feedback. I haven’t been any busier than normal, and I am not perilously ill. I don’t feel ‘stuck’ or have the dreaded ‘writers block’.
See? No excuses at all.
So why, I ask myself, why have I not written?
If I really dig deep and examine myself, the only thing I can see that just might pass as a reason is that I am once again feeling overwhelmed by the whole process.
It seems insurmountable to finish this novel, to then do copious amounts of re-writes and editing, to then endure repeated rejections and knock backs from publishers.
It just seems like a completely unachievable thing.
I then realise why I am writing it in the first place. Because the story I have in me, wants to be told.
And it really is as simple as that. And that, is why I will put my behind back in the chair again tomorrow and write.