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There was some chatter recently over on the Writers Unboxed facebook page regarding writing our baddies and why it’s so much easier to write our antagonists over our protagonists.

I agree, writing my villains in fun and I enjoy that so much more than the ‘good’ characters. Not quite sure what that says about me, or writers in general as it seems to be the consensus, but I am happy to just go with it and not analyse it too much.

There have been some other posts from writers along the lines of “oooh, raining today – perfect writing weather!” Now, it is. We all like to stay cozied up inside on a rainy day with copious cups of tea and coffee and generally bunker down.

Same goes for windy weather with me. I love the sound of the wind. It’s probably because as a child I was never allowed out in it, due to asthma, and so my association with hearing the wind is finding something interesting to do inside and staying safe and warm while the wind rattled and howled outside.

So what is it about adverse weather conditions that make our creative juices flow? Is it just that it’s ‘stay indoors’ weather? Whereas on bright, beautiful, sunny days we feel we ought to be out enjoying it and not inside with our fingers tapping away at a keyboard? Maybe bad weather is like a free pass. No guilt required writing time.

For me, bliss is rain/wind plus being up to writing a villain scene. Developing a ‘nasty’ character while the rain pelts and the wind dances on the roof is simply wonderful.

After all, don’t we also associate bad events/people with bad weather? Nobody ever read “It was a dark and stormy night” and was cheered up or thought “Oh, nice, a lovely feel-good read”, now did they?

How about you? What weather conditions get you in the writerly mood?