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I read somewhere recently (I read soooo much writerly stuff, I can’t remember where it was exactly) about how, as writers, there is a little bit of ourselves in all our characters. That started me thinking and I realised that there is quite a bit of truth to that, with just a little bit of difference, for me. I see many aspects of myself within my characters. All of them, protagonist, antagonist, major, minor, have a piece of me that is there, naturally, because they came from inside my brain.

The other thing I noticed when ruminating about this topic, is that they also have a lot about them that I wish I had. My current protagonist is gentle, kind and thoughtful but can seriously kick some butt when she needs to. I’d like to be a little more like that. My other main character is headstrong, fiercely loyal and sometimes over-zealous. And Β I could use a bit more of those traits sometimes too.

I think the reason we find it hard to let go of our characters (and the reason so many authors feel a certain amount of grief at the completion of a manuscript – hopefully I will feel that someday!) is that there is so much of ‘us’ in them. Our good bits, our bad bits and all the things in between that we ‘wish’ we were like; they’re all there.

How about you? Do you relate more to one of your characters than another? Do you see more of yourself in that one? Or less?