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I often have favourite sentences that jump out at me when reading a book, or dare I say it, when writing myself.

One such sentence I read today was:

The sea was settled.

Wow. Such purity in that one small sentence. Perfectly describing in just four words a complete atmosphere. Immediately, you get a picture of how it looked; what the day felt like. Well, it does for me anyway πŸ™‚

I saw that sentence while at my daughters parent/teacher interview today. In her story writing book. Oh and did I mention she is seven?

Okay, so maybe I’m biased but I think we could all learn something from the simplicity of the sentence and the elegancy of it’s construction.

Sometimes the sentences I love most are ones with unusual words and a certain poetry to them. Most often they are simple too, either in the idea they are conveying or in the structure itself.

A sentence I like of my own is:

The right words were nowhere to be found, leaving her at the mercy of the truth and all the wrong words that now came too easily.

For some reason, I like the melody of it and, I guess, the truth in it.

What’s your favourite sentence, either yours or someone else’s? I am a sucker for a great sentence, so…hit me people!