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Lately, I am realising how important music is to my writing. Come to think of it, it was always the same when I was painting; it seems I need music to be creative.Β I vacillate between heavier bands eg Guns n Roses, to the epitome of mellow eg Angus and Julia Stone. No matter what it is, it has to be loud!

For me, it depends on what scenes I am writing at the time and the ‘feel’ of where the story is at. Sometimes, I spend as much time trawling through my itunes list for the right ‘fit’ as I do writing! If the music isn’t right, the words just won’t flow.

Often when I am in the car and a certain song comes on, I am overwhelmed with a desire to write. Music certainly inspires me. And, occasionally, if I allow myself to dream really big, I can even imagine what music goes with what scene if it were to be made into a movie πŸ™‚

Some of my other regular favourites are:
My friend the Chocolate Cake
Bon Jovi
Mumford and Sons

So, what music gets your creative juices flowing?